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First let’s answer the burning question. What does “JG” stand for? It’s short for Jean-Guy (french Canadian).

JG Francoeur is the author of international bestselling boo
k Messy Manager: 11.75 Principles to 2x Your Sales + 3x Your Profits

JG was featured on the Success Today TV Show, the TODAY Show, ABC News, Sky News Australia, Entrepreneur Magazine and many other podcast, TV & radio shows and has written hundreds of articles for international business publications.

As a serial entrepreneur, over the last 15 years, JG has built several companies from start up ($0 revenue) to 7 and 8 figures that operated in 14 countries with over 200 employees. JG and his companies have toured the globe several times speaking to over 25,000 entrepreneurs and showing them how to double their sales and triple their profits.

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